Sep 292010
groupama3 Jules Verne Record

Franck Camma's Groupama 3 holds Jules Verne Record with 48 days 7 hours 44 minutes 52 seconds

The Jules Verne Trophy is awarded to the fastest yacht to sail round the world to and from a specified line off France’s west coast.

The Jules Verne Trophy’s starting point is defined by an imaginary line between the Créac’h lighthouseon Ouessant (Ushant) Island, France, and the Lizard Lighthouse, UK. Circumnavigate the world leaving the capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin, and Horn to port. Cross the starting line in the opposite direction.

Franck Camma Skipper

Franck Camma

The Jules Verve idea of sailing around the world in under 80 days, was originally conceived by French sailor Yves Le Cornec in 1985. By 1990, rules for the trophy had been put in place.

French skipper Bruno Peyron was the first to hold the trophy in 1993 with a record of  79 days 6 hours and 15 minutes and 56 seconds in the Catamaran Explorer. Her retrieved it again in 2002 on the giant catamaran Orange  Catamaran in 64 days 8 hours 37 minutes 24 seconds.

The current holder of the trophy is Franck Cammas who did it in 48 days 7 hours 44 minutes 52 seconds who did it aboard the Groupama 3 Trimaran in 2010.

Ellen McArthur failed in her attempt in 2003 on the Kingfisher Trimaran due to a broken mast off the Kerguelen Islands.

Alain Thébault is scheduling a new challenge for the trophy in 2012 in a Catamaran.

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Sep 292010
Round Ireland Yacht Race

The Round Ireland Yacht Race is usually held in July from Co.Wicklow Ireland.  It’s a 704-mile course with the Rule – Leave Islands to Starboard as you circumnavigate Ireland. Organised by Wicklow Sail Club and the Royal Ocean Racing Club. The Wicklow Sailing Club was founded in 1950 the club currently has over two hundred [READ MORE…]

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Sep 282010
The Curragh Racecourse and the Irish Derby

The Curragh Racecourse in County Kildare, situated south of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, is the “Home of horse racing in Ireland” since this is where horse racing in Ireland has its roots. The word “Curragh” means place of the running horse. As early as the third century there was chariot racing on the [READ MORE…]

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Sep 282010
Cheltenham Racecourse and the Cheltenham Hunt Festival

Cheltenham Racecourse is at Prestbury Park on the outskirts of the Cheltenham,  Gloucestershire, England. Cheltenham is know as the “home of National Hunt racing”,  because it hosts the four-day Cheltenham Hunt Festival, held  on the second week in March every year and features the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham, England, taken from Cleeve Hill. [READ MORE…]

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Sep 262010
The Volvo Ocean Race Background

The Volvo Ocean Race (formerly the Whitbread Round the World race) is an exceptional test of sailing prowess and human endeavour which has been built on the spirit of great seafarers – fearless men who sailed the world’s oceans aboard square rigged clipper ships more than a century ago. Their challenge back then was not [READ MORE…]

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Sep 262010
The Largest Private Islands in the World

Vladi Private Islands have been involved in the sale of Private Islands since 1975. Recently, they were asked what are the largest private islands in the world. Vladi referred to their archive and came up with the following. The largest privately-owned island in Europe is Eigg Island in Scotland with over 8,000 acres. In fact, [READ MORE…]

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Sep 242010
The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria

The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria (ORCV), was formed as the Cruising Yacht Club of Victoria by a group of yachtsmen in 1949 and renamed in 1972. The ORCV was incorporated in 1986. The club was formed so that ocean races in Victorian waters could be efficiently developed and run by an organisation focusing specifically [READ MORE…]

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Sep 242010
Cruising Yacht Club of Australia - Rolex Sydney Hobart Race

In 2004 the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia celebrated 60 years since its foundation and on 26 December 2004, started for the 60th time its internationally famous ocean race, the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. The CYCA was formed in 1944 and, despite its name, quickly became the leading exponent in Australia of ocean racing, [READ MORE…]

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Sep 242010
Tuxedo - Mens formal wear and attire

The tuxedo is undoubtedly the pinnacle of male formal attire. Sometimes disparagingly called the penguin suit, those with anything approaching contempt for this wonderful creation should think again. As a result of the tuxedo, a gentleman attending a formal gathering never has to put an ounce of thought into what he will wear. The tuxedo [READ MORE…]

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Sep 192010
Velodyne Flagship Digital Drive PLUS Subwoofers

Velodyne Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., was founded in 1983 and is universally recognized as the leading manufacturer of high-performance, low distortion powered subwoofers at all price levels. The Digital Drive PLUS Series subwoofers from Velodyne Acoustics, the world’s leading manufacturer of powered subwoofers, sets new standards in low frequency bass technology with fully automated set-up and [READ MORE…]

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