May 312009
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Rare Stamps

It is the perfect Warren Buffet style investment. Ironically, the master himself has participated in this asset class…

This is an investment opportunity that will guarantee your capital for the term of your investment to remove your risk. Investing in rare stamps has historically:

• Shown a strong and stable track record of performance
• Not been impacted by the vagaries of the economy
• Provided diversification, into a safe, tangible asset
• Provided a strong potential hedge against inflation (actually performing best in times of high inflation)
• Been easy to trade internationally to avoid exchange rate risks

In true Warren Buffet style, the compounding of returns makes this investment exciting in the long term. A 13% compound return turns a £100,000 investment into over £1 million in just under 20 years’ time.

Not many investors know of this opportunity. This is an exclusive chance for you to join the ultra-rich in one of their favoured asset classes used throughout history to protect their wealth.

Rare stamps.
Over the past two years, whilst the world descended into economic chaos, the rare stamp market continued as if nothing was happening.
Rather than “forced sellers”, the rare stamp market experienced the opposite.
No one wants to sell their stamp collection right now – collectors are better off with the stamps than the cash. This is putting a real supply squeeze on fresh material coming onto the market. This can only mean one thing for prices in the near term if this situation does not change.
Many financial advisers are simply not aware of rare stamps as an investment product. Indeed, they have been referred to in the past by one financial commentator as “the best investment you have never heard of”.

A recent report from the European Fine Art Foundation (EFAF) highlighted a major shift in “luxury spending habits”.
Wealthy buyers are seen to be switching from expensive cars, yachts and jets in favour of assets with long-term tangible value such as collectibles.

The EFAF refer to rare stamps as “investments of passion” and notes how this market has flourished during the recent economic downturn.

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May 312009
Ebel Watches

Founded in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy, the EBEL brand has built its reputation upon classical elegance and sculptural designs. The name is an acronym of the first letters of their names – Eugene Blum et Levy. Three years after the company formed it was awarded a gold medal at [READ MORE…]

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May 312009
Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf

Keep up with the activities of Five-time PGA Champion Jack Nicklaus through his personal website. The man is a hive of activity engaging everything in conferences, producing his own wine, to running his academy’s or designing Golf Courses.

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May 122009
Exquiste, individual and beautiful present ideas from Exclusive Boutique

Luxuries sourced from around the globe but they don’t  cost the earth! Browsing their website is easy because they bring you a wonderful a most wonderful selection of designer items to choose from. Exquisite necklaces made by a Parisienne jeweller, Bohemian crystal glasses from Prague and butter-soft leather handbags from Italy.

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May 042009
The Asian Mile Challenge

Organised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Japan Racing Association, the Melbourne Racing Club and the Dubai Racing Club jointly. The Asian Mile Challenge actively promotes international competition between the participating countries. A four-race international series with a total purse of $12.5 million. Open to horses from around the world, the Asian Mile Challenge [READ MORE…]

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