Dec 182008
Beyonce Jackie Brazil

Beyonce wearing Jackie Brazil on set

Known in other parts of the world as R Sobral, Jackie Brazil is the face of this exciting Brazilian jewellery brand in the UK.

R Sobral Man Behind Jackie Brazil

R Sobral Man Behind Jackie Brazil

Sobral’s resin jewellery and artifacts are all handmade in Brazil. There is no product comparable in the world as each item created is never the same.

Resin is a derivative of petrol so your piece of wearable art is recycled and therefore eco friendly.

Sobral’s new designs are fresh and consistant. Sobral’s artifacts are all lazer signed and all Jewellery is strictly made under Fair Trade conditions.

Resin is to be treated like a piece of ceramic. If it is dropped on a hard surface it will shatter.

To care for an item of Sobral resin jewellery by Jackie Brazil all is required is a soft cloth and a small amount of a silicon based furniture polish or oil. If the product manages to get badly scratched it can be polished with “Brasso” metal polish.

Overall, Sobral resin jewellery by Jackie Brazil is a totally exclusive product, there is nothing like it in the world. No item is ever the same. Together with the numerous eco friendly and design accolades Sobral’s creations have won, you will love this totally unique piece of wearable art.

Dec 042008

To do justice to the very essence of a premium-quality watch made in Switzerland, each Maurice Lacroix timepiece is crafted by hand.

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Dec 042008
Glashuette German Watchmaking

For 165 years, the name “Glashütte” has been a synonym for high-quality watchmaking, German precision and exquisite design. For centuries, the fate of Glashütte depended on the silver, copper, lead and iron ore buried in the mountains of the Erzgebirge. When the ore gave out in the early part of the 19th century, the citizens [READ MORE…]

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