Sep 302008
website imageIt’s no exaggeration to say that in today’s business world every company needs a website – even if they don’t trade over the internet.
The Internet is a vital and highly effective marketing tool that can be used to promote your product or service, build loyalty with customers, meet their requirements and answer the questions of prospective clients.

It can also help you pre-sell prospective customers before they call on you, provide them with additional information and attract new custom. And all this can be achieved on a low budget, once the initial cost of setting up a website has been met.

Whereas other forms of advertising and marketing, such as TV, radio and the print magazines and newspapers, are often prohibitively expensive for small firms or individuals, anyone can use the web to advertise and market their products or services for a reasonable outlay.

Another bonus as the owner of your own website is that you have complete control over the image and message you put across. You decide exactly what you want to say on your personal billboard, and you can take up as much space as you need to get your message across.

Remember, though, that your website must look professional. There’s nothing worse than one which looks amateurish and cheap. It will turn prospective customers away, rather than tempt them into doing business with you. One of the most irritating and off-putting things is to call up a website which carries a message saying the site is “Still under construction”. It sends the message that you are not organised. A good site should always have work in progress to make it even better – but not advertise this fact to visitors.

Make sure you make your website easy to navigate and user-friendly. Take a close look at websites that you’ve used and decide which you love and those you loathe. Then work out why – and use this experience to ensure that your website makes life easy for the customer.
One of the great things about a website is that you can use it to try things out and assess public reaction to new products or services.

By its very nature, it is flexible and changeable, so use it to develop new business ideas.

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Sep 162008
Gourmet Meals In A Box

Banquet in a Box have been supplying and delivering top quality gourmet food to thousands of satisfied customers who have chosen delicious gourmet meals and food for their special dinner party, unique and exclusive gifts for loved ones or for their own fine dining at home. They have hundreds of customers who continually return to [READ MORE…]

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Sep 122008
Louis Mariette Headpieces & Accessories

Louis Mariette, the renowned milliner and the darling of the fashion world, is praised by celebrities and regularly gracing the pages of top publications such as Vogue, W, Tatler, and Elle on a global scale. He has just launched his new Bejewelled range of headpieces and accessories in a dazzling assortment of colourful crystals and [READ MORE…]

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Sep 112008
Exotic Bespoke Couture Hats by Louis Mariette

Louis Mariette is one of the world’s most renowned milliners. One of his most famous hats is the Princess Neptune. The creation of the headpiece was quite a feat, and photographing it, even more so. Plunged into the depths of a giant water tank at Pinewood Studios, the sensational duo of underwater specialist photographer Zena [READ MORE…]

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Sep 102008
Internet Liability for Business

When does the Internet stop being as asset to your business and start to become a liability? It’s probably true to say that almost 70% of companies are either overspending on their Internet strategy or dramatically underspending. Only in about 30% of cases do we encounter companies that appear to have the balance just right. [READ MORE…]

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Sep 102008
Large Hadron Collider

 Today sees the beginning of one of the world’s largest experiments. Approximately 100m below the border of France & Switzerland, a tunnel with a circumference of 27km, connected by 6 large detectors, forms what is known as the “Large Hadron Collider” or LHC. Designed to take the understanding of particle physics to a whole new [READ MORE…]

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Sep 042008
Rolex Watches - the beginning

The company that eventually would become Rolex was founded by Hans Wilhelm Wilsdorf and Alfred James Davis. Between them they created a company called Wilsdorf and Davis Ltd in 1905. Born on March 22,1881. Wilsdorf’s job as a correspondence writer with the watch exporter Cuno Korten of Geneva, Switzerland gave him direct exposure to the [READ MORE…]

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Sep 042008
IWC Swiss Watches

The story of the IWC Schaffhausen watch company begins in 1868, with the construction of their luxury pocket watches by the American engineer and watchmaker – Florentine Ariosto Jones. His ambition was to combine American technology with Swiss craftsmanship. Soon the IWC Schaffhausen pocket watches became popular and increasingly advanced with the innovative digital pocket [READ MORE…]

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