Oct 292007
UK Florists

Wedding and Special Occasion Flower arrangements. Unique and creative designs to make your special occasion just that little bit more special……

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Oct 262007

November 2007 marks the start of an exciting period in the history of Toffsworld.com. We invite you to join us on this exciting new venture. Bridging the internet with TV….

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Oct 042007
Maseratis in New York City Columbus Day Parade

A troop of classic and contemporary Maserati sports and luxury cars will lead New York City’s 63rd annual Columbus Day Parade up Fifth Avenue, New York In a unique display of Italian excellence in engineering and design, the Maseratis will range from a one-off, 16-cylinder Maserati Spyder, which set the world’s speed record in 1929, [READ MORE…]

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Oct 012007
Buying Luxury property villas and apartments  in Portugal

Whether it’s the golf; the warm year-round weather; the laid back way of life; the spectacular beaches or the fabulous fresh seafood, wine and port, Portugal has been attracting British tourists for decades. As a place for an overseas property, Portugal is hard to top. Rather than attempting to appeal to all and sundry, the [READ MORE…]

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Oct 012007
Buying Investment Luxury Property in Qatar

Buying property in Qatar is no longer the risky venture you may have once thought. With a stable economy and benign political climate – indeed, foreigners are actively encouraged to invest in the country – there has never been a better time to look towards this beautiful Middle Eastern land for investment purposes. Trust us, [READ MORE…]

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Oct 012007
Buying Luxury Investment Rental Property in Spain

The world’s most popular destination for overseas property investment, Spain has it all. Great weather, great choice, great food and a great lifestyle combine to create a country which attracts holidaymakers and investors from all across the globe, particularly those sun-starved North Europeans: the Brits, Germans and Scandinavians. With its combination of cheap and cheerful [READ MORE…]

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