Aug 312007
Blue Nile Diamonds

Blue Nile Diamonds

Only one in every 10,000 diamonds possesses natural color.

Such a diamond is referred to as a fancy color diamond and these are purchased almost exclusively for the intensity of the diamond’s color.

The more intense the color, the rarer and more valuable the diamond will be.

The criteria considered when purchasing a white or colorless diamond – such as cut proportions or clarity – are less important when purchasing a fancy color diamond.

All Blue Nile fancy color diamonds are independently analyzed and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile has grown to become the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry.

Internet Retailer Magazine reports Blue Nile is bigger than the next three largest online jewelers combined.

The company is built on a unique idea: choosing an engagement ring doesn’t have to be complicated. Diamonds can be simple to understand. Making the right choice can be easy.

This unique approach and reputation for excellence has gained notice from publications such as Forbes, the New York Times, and Money.

Blue Nile is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol NILE. The company has been awarded the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award, which recognizes the best in online customer service as ranked by actual consumers.

Blue Nile is the only jeweler to have ever received this award, and has done so every year since 2002.

At Blue Nile you’ll find high-quality diamonds certified by the most respected independent diamond grading labs. You can create your own jewelry — choose the right diamond and we’ll set it in your favorite earring, pendant, or ring design. Every order is shipped free via FedEx® shipping, guaranteed and returnable within 30 days, so you can be sure you made the right decision

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Aug 292007
Home and office projector lift ergonomically designed

Swiss Engineer Hans Weibel is the inventor and patent holder of the Weibel Precision Projector Lift. Mr Weibel has more than twenty-five years experience in the international audio and video industry. Due to differing perceptions of good interior design between men and women, Weibel strongly believes in the 21st century market of projectors for home [READ MORE…]

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Aug 242007
Amatokin the Controversial Stem Cell mystery wrinkle cream

Amatokin® arrives in the United Kingdom… Ever since rumours about a groundbreaking, stem-cell-based mystery skin cream first appeared in early 2005, Amatokin quickly became the most sought-after anti-ageing cream in the world, coveted by celebrities including Courteney Cox. Despite savvy customers across Europe desperately seeking the product, it proved very difficult to source The Amatokin [READ MORE…]

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Aug 232007
Limited edition Cayman S as Porsche Design Edition 1

Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany, is to expand its mid-engine coupé model range with the launch, in November 2007, of the Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1”, a limited-edition special series. Porsche has incorporated various design disciplines into this very special mid-engine coupé: the black exterior emphasizes the purist nature of the 295-bhp sports car [READ MORE…]

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Aug 202007
Digital single lens reflex SLR camera from Canon

The EOS 40D sports a 10.1MP CMOS sensor, 6.5 FPS burst shooting mode (maximum burst of 75 JPEG images or 17 RAW images), 9-cross type AF engine and DIGIC III image processor. Is now succeeded by the EOS 50D and the EOS 60D. Perhaps the biggest news is the addition of a new 3.0″ LCD screen with [READ MORE…]

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Aug 172007
All New 2008 Infiniti EX Coming to Europe

The all-new 2008 Infiniti EX coupe crossover, revealed this week at the 2007 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, will form part of a four model premium range that will be launched across Europe starting from Autumn 2008. Ranges include the G Saloon, G Coupe and a Successor to the Iconic FX Features – Innovative Coupe Crossover [READ MORE…]

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Aug 172007
Philips Aurea LCD TV

Philips unveils the Aurea. The latest and ultimate manifestation of Philips’ innovative Ambilight technology, Aurea brings light and color to life in an unparalleled, highly visual and immersive fashion, drawing the audience into the full emotional experience Ambilight offers. The Aurea marks a departure from the world of television as we know it today. Philips [READ MORE…]

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Aug 152007
Luxury Natural Underwear

Zimmerli of Switzerland is the World leader, by far, in luxury underwear for men and women. The 135-year-old company was founded by Pauline Zimmerli-Bauerlin, a Swiss seamstress and teacher from Aarburg, Switzerland. Zimmerli uses the finest natural fibers – cotton, wool & silk – and today also top-of-the-line man-made miracles including the finest qualities of micromodal [READ MORE…]

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Aug 042007

Once memorably hailed as ‘the jeweller of Kings and the King of jewellers’, Cartier and its watches remain today one of the world’s best-known luxury brands. Although Cartier are perhaps better known for their fine jewellery, their wristwatches have been a major force on the global watch scene and are considered collectors items. Many of [READ MORE…]

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