Nov 292006

Irish Offshore Sailing with ISORA

ISORA started after the war when Irish Sea racing was at an extremely low ebb, although there was a tradition of such races such as the Tranmere Sailing Club’s Midnight Race, run since 1907, and the Llandudno Race run by the Royal Mersey Yacht Club as a feeder race for the Menai Straits Regatta.

In order to revive interest in offshore racing, Peter Brett and Mostyn Vicars formed the “Merseyside and North Wales Joint Offshore Co-ordinating Committee” which laid the foundations of our present organisation. The following extract from the minutes defines its activities and make-up:-

” The purpose of the committee is to assist and encourage clubs in the Merseyside and North Wales area in the sponsoring of offshore races in the Irish Sea under the R.O.R.C. rating and time scale. The Committee, which is composed of representatives of the R.O.R.C. and certain local clubs, does not sponsor races itself. Offers from clubs in the district to sponsor such races will be very welcome, and every possible assistance will be given”.

The statement of intent has been the basis os all our subsequent activities. Originally the races were confined to those offered by the Royal Mersey, Tramere, Royal Welsh, Royal Anglessey and Royal Dee Clubs, but by 1960 the objective of widened interest was being achieved and extra races under the burgee of South Caerarvonshire Yacht Club and Holyhead Sailing Club were included. The Merseyside and North Wales Joint Offshore Co-ordinating Committee continued to provide a central administration for all this activity, which by 1963 increasedto no less than twenty-one races. Such a programme was beyond the scope of the secretariat and it was feared that the original object of fostering interest might well be defeated through inadequate organisation.

At the annual meeting held at the Royal Mersey Yacht Club on 14th October, 1963 the Merseyside and North Wales Joint Offshore Co-ordinating Committee was dissolved and a new body to be known as the North West Offshore Association (N.W.O.A.) was formed. A committee under the Chairmanship of Michael Tomlinson was elected and they declared their aim:-

” To organise, with the helpo of elected clubs, five offshore races each year. Four of those races were to be in excess of 70 miles, i.e. definitely offshore, and the fifth to be a R.O.R.C. race in excess of 200 miles.

Still based mainly along the Lancashire and North Wales coastline, N.W.O.A. continued along the lines laid down by the founders, although a sixth race – the Tod Trophy, was included at a later date to allow the ever increasing ‘B’ fleet to have racing while their larger sisters were away taking part in the annual R.O.R.C. event. Over the years it has become obvious that as well as good support for our races from the eastern shores of the Irish Sea, an increasing number of entries were from the Dublin Bay area. In 1971 these Irish entries equalled in number those from all other home ports.

It seems that once again the time had come to see if the N.W.O.A. needed bringing up to date, and so in line with tradition, a meeting was called at the Royal Mersey Yacht Club, to which representatives of almost every club around the shores of the Irish Sea were invited. It was suggested that it was time that the N.W.O.A. should widen its sphere of activity to include this whole area and representatives from the Ribble, Mersey, the Menai Straits, Anglesey, Cardigan Bay and the Isle of Man and the whole of Ireland’s east coast agreed that this was a good idea, and an attempt should be made to produce an integrated racing programme over this area.

It was decided to change the name to the “Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association” as the most suitable indication of the area in which the clubs are situated. It was also decided that it would be possible to extend the racing programme to include boats from the Isle of Man, the North of Ireland and the Ribble without seriously changing the traditional races (which had been enjoyed so much over the past few years), by including races which the clubs in these areas had run in the past and in which boats from each area should be asked to travel to starts away from home twice, take part in a R.O.R.C. race (or its small equivalent) as well as starting twice from their home ports. It was also agreed that in 1972 racing should be offered for a third class – namely class ‘C’ entries to which would be restricted to boats that had not got divided underwater profiles.

At the beginning of the 1972 season, Sandy Taggart from the Clyde approached the English part of the asssociation and asked if we would be willing to include certain Clyde races in our programme and this we agreed to do so. Since the early 70’s a week’s offshore regatta has become popular and developed – The Captains Cup in the South of the Irish Sea and the Comet Wheel Series on the Clyde. From these two events the bienniel ISORA Race Week evolved.

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Nov 292006
International Sailing Federation, world governing body

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is the world governing body for the sport of competitive sailing and is responsible for administration of the Olympic Sailing Regatta, the sailing events held as part of the Summer Olympics. From its inception in Paris in October 1907, the governing body for the sport of sailing was known as [READ MORE…]

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Nov 292006
International Association of Cape Horners

The International Association of Cape Horners is for sailors who have rounded Cape Horn. Membership of the IACH is open to all those who have rounded Cape Horn under sail alone, in a recognised event (as approved by the IACH Committee) where the use of engines for propulsion is prohibited by the rules of the [READ MORE…]

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Nov 282006
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Recommended  Hotels in Germany

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Nov 122006
Exigence Of Speed MB Roadcars

The 3 seater with central driving position, from MG Roadcars a supercar manufacturer. Designed by ex-F1 engineers they operate in the heart of UK FI. Currently in the manufacturing stage with expectations to race in the famous Le Mans 24 Race in 2007. 0-60: 3.5 seconds Engine: 4.0-litre V8 Power: 500bhp Torque: 410 lb-ft Top [READ MORE…]

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Nov 122006
Murcielago LP640

The new version of the Lamborghini Murciélago Coupé features considerable innovations in terms of body design and mechanics. And also with a new name: Murciélago LP640, which refers to its engine position – longitudinale posteriore – and to its power 640 hp Designers and engineers have not only focused on reworking the engine, suspensions, gearbox, [READ MORE…]

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