Jul 312006

Champagne delivered across USA…

champagne delivery usa

1(800)4 Champagne

Established in 1998, they are the first and only company which provides same and/or next day delivery of a gift-wrapped bottle(s) of champagne and wine gifts, to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.


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Jul 282006
Ballet Shoes from Karl-Heinz Martin

Shoes from Karl-Heinz Martin are danced with by professional dancers all over the world. Many swear by these pointe shoes and wear them throughout their career. The following is just one personal report: “Shoes from Karl-Heinz Martin have been a constant companion to me for many years. They are an indispensable part of my profession [READ MORE…]

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Jul 272006
Renaissance Art Period

For most of us, art as we know it began during the Renaissance period. This is the period when artists discovered how to paint in a manner that made a flat surface look three dimensional, with depth, shadows and a sense of reality. For people living in the Renaissance period, art was suddenly as realistic [READ MORE…]

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Jul 252006
Wedding Cake tradition and history

The wedding cake is an ancient tradition that symbolises union and allows the guests to share in this happiness. It has also developed many myths of it’s own, most of them harmless fun to do with future marriage and love. The fruits and grains were introduced to symbolise fertility. This is why the cake forms [READ MORE…]

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Jul 252006
The Role of the Groom and Best Man

It’s customary that the bridegroom and the best man should to arrive at the wedding venue about twenty to thirty minutes before the service is due to start. The groom generally does not engage in much conversation during this time (not least because he’s probably nervous as hell) but should wait quietly, seated on the [READ MORE…]

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Jul 252006
Bridal Wedding Veils - the tradition

The veil is the most symbolic part of the bride´s wedding attire because of its significance as a face cover until the ceremony. It needs to match the dress style generally. The more formal the dress the longer the veil but, more importantly it has to look good, suit and be manageable. Tradition Throughout the [READ MORE…]

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Jul 252006
Tiaras and Headdresses for Bridal Veils

Tiaras generally complement a formal dress with a full veil. Tiarsa, comb clips, Alice bands or circlets can be used to secure different types of viel. Tiaras with gems such as diamonds or sapphires can be made to suit any brides complexion. Paste gems can be popular with the traditional white dress and some brides [READ MORE…]

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Jul 242006
British Brides wedding dresses and gowns

The style of the brides wedding dress sets the scene for the day. Here are 4 UK ready to wear and made to order bridal dress couturiers in the UK. Gowns can be made to any specification whether silk, satin or linen. A bride should enjoy choosing her wedding dress, probably assisted by her mother [READ MORE…]

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Jul 242006
Bridal Dress Couture Italian

3 companies making Exquisite hand made Couture Bridal Dresses in Italy… Lorenzo Riva Lorenzo Riva designs exclusive wedding gowns and couture dresses. http://www.lorenzoriva.it/ Luisa Lotti Since 1989, Luisa Lotti is responsible for the creation and tailoring of wedding dresses, to make memorable the most important day in the life of every woman. Very carefully tailoring [READ MORE…]

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Jul 242006
Luxury Bridal Dresses in America

A selection of 6 Bridal companies for the American Bride by designer. The brides choice of dress will set the scene for the wedding day.  Most wedding dresses are white, ivory or cream and the choice of colour should compliment skin tone. Dress style will depend on the formality and time of day of the [READ MORE…]

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