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Kelly Hoppen

British Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen

British Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen

Renowned British interior designer Kelly Hoppen also offers her own collection of paint, fabrics, rugs, carpets and ceramics. Designed for many celebrities houses, apartments and yachts plus also commercial properties such as Hyde Park London, British Airways First Class Cabin, Rhodes W1, Park Lane…

Kelly was awarded an MBE in 2009 and has started up a design school  in London’s Notting Hill to teach others.


Stuart Interiors

period interior design

C17 Oak Panelled Drawing Room

Stuart Interiors cover all aspects of period design from medieval times up to 18th century including panelling, furniture and architectural joinery.

Stuart Interiors have been commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces, The English Trust, English Heritage, Museums worldwide as well as undertaking private commissions…


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Apr 102006

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Apr 042006
A Day at the Races

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