Feb 282006
Marlon Brando's Private Island

Marlon Brando's Private Island - Teti’arao in French Polynesia

Marlon Brando once discussed his own Private Island, the island of  Teti’arao in French Polynesia.

Marlon Brando Island lover

Marlon Brando Island lover

Here is what it meant to him…

On the beach I walked to the end of one of the islands. Extending from it was a long, narrow sandspit stretching five hundred yards into the sea, and at one end, near the water’s edge, was a small palm tree only a few feet high. It was dark by then, and I decided to lie down under the tree.

Coconuts were scattered near its base, and I noticed they were triangular-shaped. I picked one up and realized that by working it into the sand, I could make a wonderful pillow. I lay back with my head on the coconut, my feet in the water, and looked up into the sky while a sensuous breeze blew across me.

The temperature of the water was almost exactly the same as the air around me. Then for a moment, I remembered the great, worn face of Mr. Underbrink scowling at me from behind the principal’s desk at Libertyville High School as he lectured me about how I would never amount to anything.

If you’re so smart, Mr. Underbrink, I thought, why don’t you have an island?”


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Feb 262006
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Feb 182006
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